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My breast cancer diagnosis

Why Choose a Double Mastectomy?

I was diagnosed with DCIS – Stage Zero – Was a doubleM too much? For some it may be too extreme, for me it wasn’t.  There are many factors to consider;

  • Family History
  • Can you live with the thought of recurrence?
  • What was evident from initial test;
    • Mammogram
    • Ultrasound
    • MRI
    • Biopsy
    • Other
  • You are okay with submitting your self to chemotherapy, radiation and followup drugs (example Tamoxifen for 5 years)?

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It has been a year since this show started – May 1st 2016

I found the old whiteboard I used at the beginning of my diagnosis. By showing this list I am not complaining. I was so happy I had a choice. I know for a fact, this is nothing compared to what my calendar would have been like if I had to have chemotherapy and radiation, I was so fortunate.  And to anyone who goes that route, and follows months of grueling drug treatments with reconstruction, you will forever be a hero in my eyes; that takes serious balls!

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6 week follow-up – October 8, 2015

Today I had a follow up meeting with the Plastic Surgeon and I almost left in tears. It was my first since August 27. My understanding was they would take photos and discuss surgery. The conversation was a little strained.

They took photos and then I waited for the doctor. He looked at the photos and talked about removing the hard tissue expanders and what he may have to do; a little bit of alloderm here, an little bit of fat or liposuction there to balance things up. He then started talking about size. I really don’t want to be bigger or smaller than I was, but answering his questions was difficult. Continue reading 6 week follow-up – October 8, 2015