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Why Choose a Double Mastectomy?

I was diagnosed with DCIS – Stage Zero – Was a doubleM too much? For some it may be too extreme, for me it wasn’t.  There are many factors to consider;

  • Family History
  • Can you live with the thought of recurrence?
  • What was evident from initial test;
    • Mammogram
    • Ultrasound
    • MRI
    • Biopsy
    • Other
  • You are okay with submitting your self to chemotherapy, radiation and followup drugs (example Tamoxifen for 5 years)?

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Tissue Expander Fills – August 2015

Wednesday July 29, 7:30 am  – Dr Capraro’s Office

First 100 mls with Chris and 2 Valium

I was told to have someone drive me to my first fill so I had scheduled the fill as early as possible so Chris could take me.

The night before I had under 4 hours of sleep, but I still took 2 Valium, it made me dopey enough to not care too much. I was told they would probably start with 50 ml in each one, so I was prepared for that. When I arrived the nurse said “Ready for 100ml?”
“Er, I thought you start with 50 ml.”
“It’s whatever you can cope with.”
So we started and she kept asking if I was okay, by the time I asked what volume we were up to she was at 70 ml. So I ended up with 100 ml in each boob. Continue reading Tissue Expander Fills – August 2015

Mastectomy Surgery Day – July 7, 2015

On 7-7-15 I posted this to my secret Facebook group; “I slept well last night, I’m ready to have the cancer removed and the rest of the tissue so it can never come back. Thought there may be some days that I might regret my decision, but no. I’m all in”. I also changed my profile picture to Rex, the green T-Rex in Toy Story.  I’m sure a few people wondered why, but those that knew, knew why.

Details for the hubs.
Details for the hubs.

My calendar had 3 entries for today;

  • 8:15 am Dye Infusion at Cherry Creel Women’s Imaging Center with Dr McAleese
  • 9:30 am Check Into Rose Medical Center
  • 11:30 am Four Hour Surgery

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