Hospital Discharge – July 8, 2015

The day after surgery I was feeling pretty good, but neither Chris nor I had slept much. I didn’t want breakfast, but Chris ate something.

Dr Schwartzberg came by around 8 am, I think, and asked how I felt. It was nice to see her. I had a little bit of pain on my left side, she looked under the corset I was wearing and thought everything looked fine. Understandable I was a little bruised and I’m sure the stitches didn’t look pretty.

Later in the morning Dr Capraro came by. I told him I had some pain on my left side. At first they thought the corset may have trapped a drain, but everything looked okay, so they pulled the corset down a little. It helped with the pain, but  I just lay there with a finger under the corset to relieve the pain pressure.

A nurse came in and removed the catheter, yeah!  I then gingerly walked to the bathroom.  I was still peeing green dye out, and it was still a strong pea green color.  Carrying 2 drains with me was a little awkward and I knew, in time, I would come to hate them. But at that time they were all part of the novelty of getting over mastectomy surgery.

In order to be discharged I had to see several people. All I can remember is the dietician that came by and showed me a flier about healthy eating and what foods had good antioxidants. It didn’t tell me anything I didn’t already know, but it was a refresher so I was polite and asked a few questions. I didn’t dare tell her I was Paleo; that is too extreme for some people.

The other person I saw was a physical therapist.  In order to get out of jail I had to prove I could walk up and down stairs. We walked out into the corridor to the stairs. I went into automatic mode and walked up half a flight two steps at a time. When I stopped I realized I probably should have just done 1 at a time. When I turned round they politely suggested I come down just one step at a time.

There was some other stuff we had to do, but I can’t remember.  At that time all I really cared about was my next drug time.  Before we left the hospital I was drugged up with pain pills and given some anti nausea pills.  Apparently it is common to puke on the drive home.  I didn’t.

Home from surgery and in my comfy recliner.
Home from surgery and in my comfy recliner.

Walking upstairs to the bedroom was challenging, but okay.  Walking down was going to be more difficult but I wasn’t planning on doing that for a few days.  The hubs was now on 24 hour drug call. I needed something every 4 to 6 hours.  If I winced once during the night, he was there with pain meds. I wish I could say I enjoyed the pampering and attention, but to be honest I slept a lot and spent the first few days in a cotton wool bubble.  The hubs did not sleep much at all.


I had set up a spreadsheet with all my drugs and spaces to mark in times.  I had 2 different pain meds, nausea pills and antibiotics.  I also had sleeping pills. I took one Ambien and felt so drugged up I could hardly speak. I decided not to take anymore. I really wasn’t having any issues sleeping.

On July 9th I had a shower.  It was one of the most difficult things I had to do.  I couldn’t wash my hair myself, and I had to make sure the water didn’t directly hit the incision areas.  I also had to wear a belt to hold the two drains. The hubs took a photo of me getting out of the shower.  When I look at it now it reminds me of the pain, it’s one of those pictures that says it all. I remember thinking, thank goodness I had a double mastectomy, I do not want to go through that again.

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