There is no cure for cancer, just remission, or death – May 31, 2015

Notes from a very dark place

Think about it, at any time you could have a cancer cell in your body.  There are so many chemical reactions going on, there has to be the odd mistake or slip up. In most cases the immune system mops up the rogues, rejects and mistakes.  When the immune system is weak or taxed a cancer can take over and get out of the body’s control.   Being in remission, to me, means your immune system is working well and gobbling up any rogue cells that reemerge.

For that reason I have always wondered why mainstream cancer treatments didn’t evolve using something that boosts the immune system.

As a student I used methotrexate to inhibit DNA replication.  I always questioned its use in cancer treatment. To me chemotherapy causes so much collateral damage. It is like dropping an atomic bomb on Denver because of an Ebola/Zombie outbreak. We would never do that, health professionals would be brought in to organize and help; medical help would be increased in the area, much like a boost to the immune system.  At no time would health professions fire an AK 47 into a crowd to kill the infected person and everyone else.

My immune system failed me.   I felt invincible because I was Paleo

I’m really disappointed with my immune system.  I’ve been gluten free since 2008, I don’t eat processed food, and I’ve been at least 80% Paleo since 2011. I don’t drink much alcohol.  I take probiotics, I watch my weight, I could exercise more, I buy organic and non-GMO food. My blood tests always come back really healthy I never get colds…okay, I hardly ever get colds.

One thought on “There is no cure for cancer, just remission, or death – May 31, 2015”

  1. Hi again Mandy. Yes the immune system is extremly important and study the ways to keep it at max starting as you know with your intestine…. probiotics and intestinal flora integrators, chicken soup with quinoa, sharon fruits (kaki in Iralian). Cumin is a good cancer killer, water cress and cabbage family. You like me have done the most to avoid it with life style. Unfortunalely there are other factors involved outwith our control. The more industrialised the country the more breast cancer apart from Japan and the genetic factor which in your case may have made you more susceptible to whatever it is that is causing our cancers. Cancer is continuously increasing in the Western world and people are getting it younger and younger. Nobody knows exactly what it is and is probably a complex interaction between pollution, dietary polution, genetic makeup, immune system and but not least …. viral exposure. Cervical cancer is caused by the pappiloma virus. New treatments are going towards the immune system but if like me the damaging chemo can keep me alive in the meantime ill go for that. Most medicines come from plants. I was saved in 2010 by the Taxus tree and now on the vinca plant. Aspirin comes from the salix tree. God has left all the medicines we need we just haven’t found it yet. I worked in Biotechnology medicines and its the current fashion. Unfortunately there aren’t any yet for me cos you have to be HER2 positive at your tumour histology. Im convinced that its not the future cos the medicine we need is just sitting in the Amazon forrest waiting to be discovered. The immune system does its best and I do recommend that you get info on how to keep it at its highest but even it cant fully deal with the ” little bastard”. One day there will be a cure and probably something extremly simple like the resr of nedical history. My granny died at 21 in 1929 cos antibiotics hadn’t been invented yet. Keep your hands on the horns and all the best x Diane

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