Another 6 month Breast Surgeon Follow-Up (Halloween 2016)

I have 2 surgeons, the one that did the mastectomy and the one that did breast reconstruction. I’m done with the plastic reconstruction guy, and my breast surgeon will monitor me through survivorship and send be back to my Oncologist if she thinks I need to see him. I’m a little unsure where my GP plays into all this. If I feel something, who do I call, both?

It’s been 16 months since my double mastectomy and about 6 months since my last reconstruction surgery so I was ready to check-in with someone.  My mother’s breast cancer came back, quite early after her lumpectomy, as a skin rash, so I am paranoid about anything that itches, pimples and stuff that looks like chicken skin.  I have a couple of areas on my chest that look like goose pimples all the time; I have my eye on them.

Halloween 2015 Inigo Montoya
Halloween 2015 Inigo Montoya

I arrived wearing a black scull scarf, that was the most I could muster for Halloween this year, last year I was a playful Inigo Montoya from The Princess Bride. The appointment was uneventful. I was prodded and poked and asked about my general health, she didn’t see anything like a rash that would cause any concern. I mentioned the nerves in my chest were waking up. She smiled and said that could be good news and bad. She’s right, good news because it’s good to have some feeling, bad news because some nerve flinches have been quite severe like a sharp needle shooting through my chest.  I also had a weird feeling that something was dribbling down my chest. I thought I may have spilt my coffee, but there was nothing there. I was on a WebEx call at work and slowly put my mug down and tried to discreetly survey my boob area. It’s funny thinking back. I’m sure no one noticed, but I felt like it was really obvious!

I left the office feeling like I should have had a more extensive appointment, but I have no evidence why.  I have another follow-up in 6 months, and an ultrasound at 3 years.

It’s time to try and forget about what I had and if it will come back. I seriously need to look forward and think positive. I’ve heard some people feel neglected after having an intensive year or so of recovery. I thought I would have been easing out of that by now. I guess it takes some people longer than others, and to be honest I’ve never been known for doing anything quick, ha!

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