Life is going to get interesting May 17, 2015

I need to thank Whoopi Goldberg – April 22nd

Always Rockstar Parking!
Always Rockstar Parking!

It was late April 2015, I’d been out of work for a few months after being laid off in January and I was watching stay-at-home mom TV.  Well, that’s my impression of the mid-morning TV shows.  They’re chatty, a bit fun and can be helpful and informative.  If I was surrounded by munchkins day after day, I’d have the TV on in the background…if only to hear an adult voice.  Anyway, I had my iPad searching for jobs and The View on.  They were talking about new regulations for mammograms that stated once a year was not necessary.  The group were not in agreement.  I don’t remember exactly how the discussion went because it was just in the background, but I did hear Whoopi Goldberg say something like “Just call your doctor and make an appointment!”   It has been (ahem) over a year for me, and it sounded like it was directed at me. It pinged something in my subconscious that knew I was overdue for some boob squeezing.  I took the order from Whoopi well.  I stood up, went to my home office, found the number for the Imaging Center and made an appointment.

4-28-15 Mamogram SAFE
4-28-15 Mamogram (right and left)

The mammogram was uneventful. It wasn’t awkward, it wasn’t painful. I went in, got topless, got squashed and zapped, and was out in under 45 minutes.

5-15-15 Right 2nd Mam SAFE
5-15-15 2nd Mamogram on the right boob

In early May I received a letter requesting further evaluation. They wanted to do a repeat mamo and ultrasound.  This didn’t faze me. I’d had an ultrasound for pain in my left boob that turned out to be just be a few small cysts; a nonevent that required no action. Recently I’d felt the pain again, so I was happy to go back and see if they could aspirate the cyst(s).  I mentioned this to the radiologist during the second mammogram and her response woke me up. “Dr. McAleese is not worried about the cyst, she wants to take another look at the calcification in your right breast.”

My right breast had always been the good kid, no pain, no lumps. My right boob was the problem child and has always been lumpy, it hurt during my period and was a reason I gave up eating bananas and kept my coffee consumption low.  If I was ever going to have a problem it would surely be in my right boob.  Crapola!  Don’t panic until you understand what’s going on.

After the second mamo Dr. McAleese came and took me into her office. “This is a very common condition” she said.  Calcification of the milk ducts, I had never heard of it. She continued, “And about 75% of the time it’s benign.”  My star spotted boob was lit up on the wall. It looked like the milkyway.  She pointed to a star close to the edge and said, “I want to biopsy that.  It would be so easy.”

My biopsy was scheduled 2 weeks in advance for the end of May.  During the wait I continued to search for jobs, I turned 52 and the Hubs and I went to Santa Fe; he rode in the Santa Fe Century, I gave myself a pedicure.

Chris rode in pad weather, I went for a pedicure.
Chris rode in bad weather, I got a pedicure.

3 thoughts on “Life is going to get interesting May 17, 2015”

  1. The weather wasn’t so bad. It was a little cooler and slightly windy. 50 miles could always use more training, but the area South of ?Santa Fe. It’s not a canyon climb, but the ?Rollers!

  2. Hi Mandy
    That’s a really good blog you have kept.
    I am a radiologist from UK and was googling for a picture of bruise after breast biopsy procedure to use in an educational presentation. for trainees and also possible use in my upcoming website.
    I would like your permission to use your picture .
    Please let me know if that is OK with you.
    Also if you are OK to put a link to your blog from my upcoming website which is about breast cancer!

    Good luck with your recovery from the surgery. Great to see a positive attitude towards life. Life is never boring!

    Thank you


    1. Yes, you can use my picture. My blog is to help me process my situation (self therapy), but if I can help and give someone a heads-up of what to expect, that is a bonus.

      Yes, send me the link to your website when it is live.

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