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Biopsy Procedure

MRI – June 2, 2015

The day after my meeting with Dr. Keller, I had an MRI. I was told that the MRI is to check that the cancer isn’t anywhere else. As soon as the penny dropped and I realized the MRI is to determine which type of Ductal Carcinoma I have, I started to become a little concerned.  Up until this point I had felt very strong and in control.  I was positive and ready to ride the rollercoaster with strength and dignity.  But this was testing my control button.

coal under pressureThe morning before the MRI appointment I started  thinking about the different types of ductal carcinoma; What if it’s not DCIS?  I started to cry, but caught myself.  If I let myself cry, I’ll lose it and become a wet soggy mess. When I stop crying I’ll be no better off than I was before because I don’t know what I have.  I can cry when I know which ductal carcinoma I have;

  • if its DCIS I can cry with relief and plan the next year
  • if its Invasive DC I am allowed to ball my eyes out, feel sorry for myself before I recompose and plan the next steps

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I need a biopsy – May 28, 2015

Biopsy and Results

Open door into the biopsy room (taken from the internal waiting room)
Open door into the biopsy room (taken from the internal waiting room)

It was Thursday, biopsy day, I had breakfast and got to the imaging center at 7:30am.  By 7:45am I was topless, I texted the Hubs <Topless already!>.  I was amazingly calm.  At 8 am they took me into a different room unlike the mammogram rooms, this room had a weird massage table with a hole in it.  I lay on my stomach and my boobs hung through the hole.  A plexi-glass square with a hole in it was used to clamp my right boob in place. There was no escape!

There were two nurses that took several X-rays and moved the plexi-glass around until they found the area they wanted.  Dr.  McAleese arrived later and walked up to my face and said “Are you a real red head?”  I replied yes.

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