Stage 3 Reconstruction Planning

February 15, 2016 I had an appointment to discuss the next phase of my breast reconstruction, stage 3; nipples. It was really nice to see all the people in the office. They took another set of topless shots for the album. Ah, good times. The girls look like dumplings, and I’m getting used to seeing them.  

The next part of the journey involves mini liposuction to harvest fat to smooth out wrinkles and visible pectoral muscles, skin grafting (new scar below my navel), another dose of brain numbing gas and 5-7 days recovery. This is where Dr Hollywood’s artistry will be tested. I couldn’t stop thinking what a crazy ride this is. He will suggest where to put them and I sign off on the location. It was a weird and surreal appointment. The day before surgery I will go in and he will mark my skin where the nipples will go. This shows how they do it.

Driving home I was noncommittal. At home I avoided a call to schedule a time for the operation. This surgery is required to complete the reconstruction, but its completely cosmetic. Today you can’t tell, women’s clothes hang on me like they should. Why should I go through another general anesthetic (my 3rd in 10 months) if I don’t need to. I’m I stupid to go through the risk and cost? Should I just get a tattoo?

Whaaa, I’m not ready, but I don’t think I could settle with 3D tattoo nipples. I’ll probably call the office tomorrow.

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