Ding, ding, round 3, March 22, 2016

My third surgery is on Good Friday. I hope its a great Friday.

Preparation for this surgery has been easier mainly because I’ve done it before. No supplements, no aspirin, no alcohol.  Whatever, let’s just get this over and done with!

I was a little unsure a month ago, but I took some photos and they changed my mind.  I see myself every morning, I look okay, I don’t look like a topless model. I’ve got used to Barbie boobs, the unevenness, the crease on my right side and an indent where the surgeon scraped close to the skin where my cancer was. I don’t like the corners at the ends of the scar seams, but I believe they will probably smooth out over time. If not I think they look worse when I look down on them.  I’ve posted some bad phone images below, leave now if you’re weirded out by scars and deformities. They’re not gross, just a little unusual.

The photos changed my mind because it was the first time I had seen myself from a different angle. I got to stand back and look and think, could I live with that.  I decided I couldn’t. I’ve come this far and it would be silly to stop now. Why not see how far Plastic Surgery can take me. I’ve seen a lot of reconstructed boobs over the last few months, and I have to say, most look a lot better than mine.

Not too terrible
Not too terrible

So bring it on. I’m ready for more brain numbing drugs, another 3 weeks with a 10 lb weight limit and lots of gut irritating antibiotics. This could be my last surgery and I may walk away with a more even  set of lumps that hopefully will look more like boobs.

Who gets to experiences tissue implants, gummy implants, fat transplants and skin grafting? What a journey, I consider it a life experience like Interailing through Europe, working at a camp in Michigan as an exchange student, and living in another country. I have learned so much in 10 months and life has not been boring!

The seams are not great when I bend over.
The seams are not great when I bend over.

I hate the image above more than any of the others. The surgeon said he can’t make them look good from all angles. I wanted to slap him.

Dent where they will add fat.
Dent where they will add fat.

Did you know that fat transplants don’t take too well and only about 20% of the fat remains. I’m expecting to come home later this week with a huge lefty!

Flat but sort of boob like
Flat and sort of boob like. Cleavage looks okay!
Close-up of scar
Close-up of scar on my right Barbie boob!

So there you go! The good the bad and the ugly!

First shower after double mastectomy.  100ml tissue expanders.
First shower after double mastectomy, with 100ml tissue expanders. July 2015

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