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My breast cancer diagnosis

The Process Outline – June 1, 2015

As soon as I heard the results of my biopsy I was told to call my primary care provider (PCP).  I called on Friday afternoon and got an appointment on Monday morning.  The speed at which I got the appointment shocked me, is this really serious?

Before my appointment with Dr. Keller I had a dental cleaning that I had scheduled 6 months before. It was the first time I had to tell someone I had cancer.  It didn’t feel real, how could this be. I eat so well, I’m not overweight. I could workout more, but I’m not totally sedentary and I hit 10,000 steps most days.

As I was driving home from the dentist the Imaging Center called to check if I had scheduled my MRI. I didn’t know I needed an MRI. I pulled over to the side of the road to take the call. Apparently an MRI is scheduled after a positive biopsy result.  My MRI was scheduled for Tuesday June 2; tomorrow!  I remember thinking “shit just got real” and this must be what people talk about when they are diagnosed and go through a rollercoaster of appointments.

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I need a biopsy – May 28, 2015

Biopsy and Results

Open door into the biopsy room (taken from the internal waiting room)
Open door into the biopsy room (taken from the internal waiting room)

It was Thursday, biopsy day, I had breakfast and got to the imaging center at 7:30am.  By 7:45am I was topless, I texted the Hubs <Topless already!>.  I was amazingly calm.  At 8 am they took me into a different room unlike the mammogram rooms, this room had a weird massage table with a hole in it.  I lay on my stomach and my boobs hung through the hole.  A plexi-glass square with a hole in it was used to clamp my right boob in place. There was no escape!

There were two nurses that took several X-rays and moved the plexi-glass around until they found the area they wanted.  Dr.  McAleese arrived later and walked up to my face and said “Are you a real red head?”  I replied yes.

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Life is going to get interesting May 17, 2015

I need to thank Whoopi Goldberg – April 22nd

Always Rockstar Parking!
Always Rockstar Parking!

It was late April 2015, I’d been out of work for a few months after being laid off in January and I was watching stay-at-home mom TV.  Well, that’s my impression of the mid-morning TV shows.  They’re chatty, a bit fun and can be helpful and informative.  If I was surrounded by munchkins day after day, I’d have the TV on in the background…if only to hear an adult voice.  Anyway, I had my iPad searching for jobs and The View on.  They were talking about new regulations for mammograms that stated once a year was not necessary.  The group were not in agreement.  I don’t remember exactly how the discussion went because it was just in the background, but I did hear Whoopi Goldberg say something like “Just call your doctor and make an appointment!”   It has been (ahem) over a year for me, and it sounded like it was directed at me. It pinged something in my subconscious that knew I was overdue for some boob squeezing.  I took the order from Whoopi well.  I stood up, went to my home office, found the number for the Imaging Center and made an appointment. Continue reading Life is going to get interesting May 17, 2015