Still processing Stage 3 surgery – Options & Thoughts

To Tatt or not to Tatt?

I’ve been processing instead of sleeping and trying to calm down my emotions after the 2mm areola episode. I need to get some relief from the horrible nagging pit in my stomach about my decision to go through with nipple reconstruction. I need to be able to look forward with a plan or options: a Frankenstein nipple job is not the end of the road. Who knows what they will look like in a year?

I had decided a few months ago that I would not go forward with areola tattooing, it looks dreadful and, to me, emphasizes the fakeness of it all.  I’ll keep my whiteys, thank you very much!

However, l have changed my mind on tattooing in general. I’m still not 100% on just the areola tattoo, but I found this site a few days ago Positive Mastectomy Tattoos and this may make it to my list of options. If the fipples turn to to be one horrendous plastic surgery hot mess, I could do some camouflage; unevenness and scars  taken care of at the same time. Something that would make me smile when I look in the mirror.

Is this some masculine fantasy dream?

The real girls were teadrops, They were shy and demure. They never looked you in the eye, they looked away and had some mystery. I might let you touch me.

The new fake girls are big round bulbous, in your face sexy things. Nothing subtle here, they say grab a hand full of this. The nipples are full center, I’m looking at you, come get me.

I have Jessica Rabbit boobs! A much smaller version, but the same personality!  So what happens when your boob personality doesn’t match your whole mind personality?  Will I give out mixed signals? Will I take on their personality?

Also while I’m here….

The whole cancer survivor thing!  We’re all survivors in this world!  As you get older you experience death, sickness, heartache, disappointment, whatever!  Why is survivor associated with cancer? I hate that attachment! If you meet me, don’t ever ask me how many years I’ve been a survivor, I will tell you my age!

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